Letters to the Editor

GERRY GILBERT: The Benghazi hearing was an embarrassment

On Oct. 22, the nation witnessed a partisan grilling of a former secretary of state for the express reason to discredit her potential presidential run in 2016.

This was the eighth in a series of investigations on Benghazi. This was an evident witch hunt with intense hostility palpable from several individual Republican committee members.

The polarization in Congress for the past seven years has created pervasive animosity by conservatives toward liberals which was clearly reflected in this charade of an investigation held for partisan political purposes. This was an embarrassment to see and until a major change occurs, the Republican Party will have great difficulty regaining the executive office.

The gerrymandering of state districts may enable a continuation of Republican control of the House of Representatives, but on a national level for presidential elections, the majority of the American voting public do not agree with these tactics.