Letters to the Editor

JOHN WETZEL: Keep education out of a judge's hands and vote no

On Nov. 3, Mississippians will be asked to decide on Initiative 42.

This ballet has been put forth because the Mississippi Legislature has failed to do its duty to adequately fund public education. This initiative is going to pass because most voters will see it as helping children, and almost everyone has sympathy for children.

The problem is this initiative will turn over legislative duties to a judge in Jackson who will, fairly or unfairly, raise taxes and probably cause more inequality in our schools. We Mississippians elect our representatives, and we should expect them to do their job. And if they can't or won't do their job, we should vote them out of office.

We should not be subject to the whims of a judge whose job is to interpret the laws and not make them. So for now, let's leave Initiatives 42 and 42A blank and vote no. We should simply wait to see if our Legislature votes to fully fund education and if they don't, we should just vote them out.

We have the best schools in the state right here on the Coast. Maybe our state government should take a good look at our schools and set up the rest of Mississippi to function like Coast schools function.


Long Beach