Letters to the Editor

JOE BOUGHTON: Be aware of Cumbest's conflict of interest

The Sun Herald's article, "Cumbest says he co-owns land in proposed Lake George area" (Oct. 18), begs many questions.

Who was the originator for this project? Mr. Cumbest says he has been the point man for the supervisors. I assume he means the Jackson County supervisors, yet he went to Washington with the George County supervisors to seek funding in 2014. This was before the Gulf states got the BP money promised, but this appears to be the main source for the funding later in the article.

Who pushed the Pat Harrison Waterway District to apply for the permit from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers? The reason for the project is presented as drought control. What great problems have we had with droughts? Even if we do have one, the water in a lake evaporates just like the water in the river.

Mr. Cumbest sites the Corps of Engineers as the experts. Ask the people in southeast Louisiana how they feel about that, with their land disappearing due to the channelization of the Mississippi River by the Corps of Engineers.

More recently, ask the people of South Carolina about the 17 out of 80 dams that burst during the recent rains there. How many of them were approved by the Corps of Engineers?

Mr. Cumbest, as a last comment, I find a definite conflict of interest here and for you to say, "It's just kind of come up on me. I didn't pay any attention to it," is ludicrous. Your family is also in the real estate business, though the article fails to mention this.

Under the ruse of improving the environment, the BP money is seen as a windfall that people in the know want to get.