Letters to the Editor

RICHARD VERMEULEN: Stop jeopardizing lives and drive safely

I realize I am open for a huge amount of criticism by writing this letter, but there is a need to write this as it is very unsafe to drive on the Mississippi Coast.

We must stop this insanity of driving so fast and recklessly. There are so many drivers who tailgate, do these quick lane-change maneuvers, pass in the turning/slow lane and speed. The police should be giving tickets left and right.

I drive on the Biloxi Bay Bridge every day, as many of us do. The speed limit is not whatever you want it to be! It is there for a reason. Whether it is on the bridge or off the bridge, drivers need to obey the speed laws. I know there are many people who drive at speeds more than 70 mph on the bridge, and that is crazy! You continue to do so even when you get across the bridge, whether it be in Ocean Springs or Biloxi.

The turning lane is not for passing, either. Drivers need to get educated and stop being so reckless on South Mississippi's roads.

You know better than to break the law, and I know other drivers' lives are in jeopardy because of reckless drivers.


Ocean Springs