Letters to the Editor

SEAN ALAWINE: Should the Lake George Project be investigated?

Hiram Boone spoke to the Board of Supervisors to reassure them on the Lake George project.

The supervisors failed to ask any serious questions about the project. It was also not asked why an individual must file a Freedom of Information request in order to see the complete information about the project.

Several individuals, including myself, had a number of questions about the validity of the claims being made in support of the project. For some, these questions arose from common sense. For example, the fake lakes are now being sold as a reservoir for a drought-stricken Pascagoula River and as lakes with recreational purposes. Of course, the fake lakes cannot be both. Recreational purposes, like fishing, will require the lakes to maintain a specific level that it cannot drop below, and this will limit any water that would be supplied to the Pascagoula River. Furthermore, if the Pascagoula River is suffering from a drought, would it not be prudent to understand that the fake lakes would also be suffering from the drought and have a lower water level as well?

The most disturbing matter, of course, is that the Jackson County Board of Supervisors gave its support to this project without investigating the matter beforehand. Now that Steve Shepard has alerted the public to the project, and the public is voicing its opposition, have the supervisors decided to "investigate" the project to see whether or not they should remove their support?


Ocean Springs