Letters to the Editor

JOHN TUEPKER: Don't believe everything you read about Sanders

I just heard Republican front-runner Donald Trump call Bernie Sanders a "maniac ... a socialist/communist."

Trump does not like Sanders, as Sanders would take away all the tax dodges that billionaires like Trump use to shelter and hide their wealth. Sanders would also reform the way business is done, which would make a lot of Trump's famous casino "deals" more difficult.

But Bernie Sanders is no raving maniac, even though he was very passionate at the Democratic Debate on Oct. 13. He honestly answered that he expects to be able to convince the American people that his version of Democratic Socialism really is what the country needs. At its core, Democratic Socialism is what most of the leading (and prosperous) countries of Europe have been doing for some time. It means fair treatment for all workers, higher wages, real health care for everyone, free quality education, family medical and maternity leave, concern for the environment and a higher quality of life for all as measured by security, leisure, community involvement and happiness.

In her piece for the Sun Herald (Oct. 16), Republican Kathleen Parker attempted to misinform readers by implying that Sanders would get rid of capitalism, try to turn America into a smelly hippie commune of the 1960s and provide an "equal outcome" for everyone. None of this is true -- Sanders is opposed to the "casino capitalism" that rules the country today. He is a great believer in individual freedom and knows that we must return to true socialized democracy, not the government by the wealthy oligarchy that we have today.


Long Beach