Letters to the Editor

DAVID MATTINA: Spend locally as Mississippi Power refunds roll in

It has occurred to me that an unexpected opportunity has presented itself to revive the local economy in South Mississippi.

This opportunity has come in the form of refund checks or power bill rebates from Mississippi Power, and it comes just as Christmas shopping season is to begin. If we can keep more of that spending within our local business communities then this seemingly never-ending local recession may soon have a ending in sight.

Buying from local business owners, and not from multinational companies or the Internet, will have a tremendous financial impact on our area. It is said that a dollar spent with local merchants, restaurants and other local providers turns over four to nine times in the local area. This will encourage more employment, business growth in the form of expansion and an overall positive attitude in the community.

The power company checks and rebates come at a time of year when our power bill will be lower as fall descends on the Coast, leaving us with a little more spending power, so I would like to see a concerted effort from local business associations and the news media to promote the idea to support your local business persons. Let's make it a habit to think, be and buy local.

This kind of opportunity may never present itself again.