Letters to the Editor

JAMES E. RABORN: Use your voice and vote

The United States cannot be proud of the low percentages of registered voters who cast ballots in local and national elections.

Many countries would love to have the privilege we have to vote for our leaders. In the Bible, Romans chapter 13, we learn that God established human government (civil authority), so the least we can do is get out and vote.

If the clergy in each house of worship would take a few minutes during the weekend prior to an election to read at least the first part of this chapter to the congregation, maybe it would encourage more eligible voters to vote. Many churches belong to a parent organization that should encourage this reading. Other church leaders are given the prepared message to deliver during each worship service. In that case, the clergy should ask the members of the congregation to read this chapter at home.

There may be times that we don't agree with some or all of the candidates, but we need to vote for the person we consider the least unqualified -- just vote!