Letters to the Editor

BONNY PESCH: Biloxi Farmers Market deserves a little attention

This is an open letter to the powers that be in the city of Biloxi to say that the Biloxi Farmers Market is important.

We have a lot of loyal customers and could be a focal point of downtown Biloxi on market days. We have the potential to be so much more than we are right now.

I've been a market vendor for three years. During that time, I've watched the market slowly lose focus and customers dwindle. I attribute that to the fact that the city puts little effort into promoting the market. We're a year-long market, but people are always surprised to hear that. There is no advertising done about the market. The signage is small and not easily found in the area. Most of the information that can be found online about the market is minimal, old or not very accurate. Even the city's website is not always up to date.

We are asking for advertising, better signage and special events to promote the market. Also, have someone work on the Internet information and keep it up to date to help us get more customers. Help us to thrive and grow.

I'm in slots 39 and 40 every single Tuesday and Thursday. I would love for someone in authority from the city to come by and talk to me about it. Plenty of other vendors are willing to give their input.

Help us help the city make the Biloxi Farmers Market one of the best on the Coast!