Letters to the Editor

PATRICIA L. MADISON: Where does money for unemployment 'drop off' to exactly?

My husband is unemployed as of March after being at the same job for more than 25 years.

When he filed his unemployment, it was initially denied because the paperwork stated he was "terminated due to the plant closing," and the unemployment case handler did not read past the word "terminated."

He is now told that he will not receive any money at all for three months because the money in his account "drops off" after a time.

Our question is this: Where does the money that people accrue for unemployment "drop off" to? Does it "drop off" into the same place that all the Social Security money, which has been paid in for many decades by millions of people and companies, "drops off" to?

Seems to me that something is really wrong with this picture. Something smells really rotten in the state of the union when we have plenty of money to help people who are not even from this country, even actively seek to bring in more of them, and little or no help for those who helped make it what it used to be.

The only changes I see lately are for the worse.