Letters to the Editor

JOHN KUNELLIS: Global warming denial is futile

Many describe the ongoing repartee between advocates of action (to mitigate human contributions to climate change/global warming) and those that have come to be known as the deniers as a back and forth of equals. It is not.

Deniers fail to offer any real substance to support their denial. They claim that the science is flawed, but it is not. They claim that climate change/global warming is natural/cyclical, but it is not.

They claim that there are scientists that refute the evidence, but there are not. They claim that the issue is a governmental conspiracy to control populations and make money, but it is not.

The deniers' claims are all unsupported by multinational energy corporations who not only accept the evidence, but who are offering solutions and action to mitigate the growing problem. Even China is on board.

The deniers are conservative Americans who are utterly alone in their denial. Ladies and gentlemen, the whole world is not conspiring to put one over on the deniers.

There is no stalemate. Like the tobacco companies that denied for years that tobacco use was hazardous, the deniers will soon be swept away with the high tide saltwater that now floods Miami's streets.

Like the Borg from "Star Trek," denial is futile.