Letters to the Editor

DONALD MOORE: Tell me about the taxes, Mississippi Power

Each month, my bill from Mississippi Power contains a statement that residential electricity is exempt from sales tax, but the statement is followed by "all other taxes total ... "

Last month, those other taxes exceeded $50, equating to 20 percent of my bill. This month, at more than $30, the taxes are also roughly 20 percent of my bill. What are these taxes? Where does the money go? More important, where will the money come from when I receive my refund?

Presumably, if the taxes are based on the amount of my bill, and Mississippi Power overcharged me for two years, then I should be entitled to a refund of these over-charged taxes. So should everyone else. So, where is the tax money? Does the state have it? Does my city or county have it?

And more important, how will it affect the entity or agency that relies in whole or in part on these tax dollars? Will these taxes be collected through some other means? Will we ultimately pay in other ways for Mississippi Power's mistake? And finally, why is there no explanation of what these taxes are?


Pass Christian