Letters to the Editor

KEN BISHOP: Cruisers, locals would benefit from a move to Jones Park

Well, Cruisin' The Coast is a really big show, as Ed Sullivan would say.

I hate to tell Gulfport and the Cruisers this, but they have outgrown the old VA. I was out and had to go to Keesler, and I decided to come back along the beach and see the cars. I got to DeBuys Road, and we stopped. I got to the VA almost two hours later.

You don't see a lot of cars that way; you mostly see the tail lights. I'm sure the old cars don't like to stop and go, either, as they all suck up a lot of gas.

Jones Park is big and has a lot of room for the cars, has nearby restrooms, and it is close to the restaurants downtown. The big plus is that Jones Park offers large entrances and exits, so people will not have problems getting in and out, and parking is right there.

Another big plus is that it will help the traffic on U.S. 90. Moving locations will not get rid of traffic, which we don't want anyway, but we will get to see more of the cars.