Letters to the Editor

LEONA WOLFE: Why wasn't our library funded?

The East Hancock Library was built in March 2013 at great expense, and then it closed on Oct. 1.

From the date it was built, funds were never allocated to operate it. Why? What kind of financial planning was put into this project and not funded to operate?

Our city population was 8,180 as of 2014. Why has the Hancock County Board of Supervisors closed this library due to lack of funds? Yet, at the same time, other projects are being proposed without first funding our library? This is poor government procedure.

What is going to happen to this building? If there was never funding for it, then why was it built? Many elderly citizens, schools and college students depend on this library for community meetings, computer usage and research. I was driving four miles to the East Hancock Library in Diamondhead, and I will now have to drive 18 miles to the Kiln branch.

Come on supervisors, do the right job for this community!