Letters to the Editor

ANTHONY PARK: Thanks, Cruisers for sharing vehicles

As a lover of classic and antique vehicles, I am so thrilled that Cruisin' The Coast will be rolling and running through Oct. 11.

I wasn't born when the vehicles were built in the golden age of vehicles. However, every time I see them each year, I get a taste of wonder, and I feel like I am taking a time machine trip back to when sock hops, poodle skirts and drive-in diners were the rage. I envision myself doing dances like the Charleston, the twist and other popular dances from back then.

I can also see myself in a time when it was simpler and more carefree. So, to all the men and women who own vintage vehicles, you guys are my friends for life for showing off your antique and classic vehicles. I welcome you and your cars and trucks with open arms and a friendly South Mississippi smile. I love you guys and your vehicles!