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Readers views: Dixie Newman for state Senate. What can we do to sleep better?

Election letters deadline

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Newman listens, responds

When my wife and I moved into Ward 3 in Biloxi in 2002 there was no sidewalk on Atkinson Road. During the first Ward 3 campaign after we moved in, the incumbent councilmember came into our home. I explained to him that Atkinson desperately needed a sidewalk.

I had frequently seen people in wheelchairs, mothers strolling babies, joggers and dog-walkers having to go into the road to avoid rock-a-chaws, weeds and people’s yards. The incumbent told me nothing could be done because of utility problems and property rights.

In a future campaign a candidate came into our home, I explained the sidewalk situation, he agreed heartily that something had to be done. He was elected, but nothing got done.

The next person to win the Ward 3 Council seat, in 2013, was Dixie Newman. I didn’t vote for her, but I sure am glad she won. I talked to her and she got that sidewalk put in. It has been wonderful.

Also, when she came into office, Hiller Park was shabby. Under her leadership it is now an outstanding recreational and nature area. I am confident that she would make an equally thoughtful and effective state Senator for District 50. She listens, responds and gets things done.

Richard E. Creel


Trump, stress and restorative sleep

With growing chaos and confusion in Washington, increasing economic uncertainty, divisive political conflict, and dangerous world hot spots getting hotter, coupled with the possibility of our president being impeached, many of us are stressed and sleep-deprived. Let’s face it, regardless of our political orientation, what’s going on now in America is stressful. Coincidentally, a recent report from a September NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll states for the first time a majority of Americans now dislike Trump at a personal level.

Remember when established facts were widely accepted, the news media was not “fake news,” we voted without enemies meddling in our elections, kindness, respect, and help for those in need were a key part of our moral code, and our long-standing loyal allies were valued while we were wary of our enemies?

Yes, now seems to be a particularly stressful period with most agreeing we need a clear head and steady hand on our ship of state.

Trump has a loyal base of support among good people, many of whom we know and love. History tells us some leaders are able to get people to support them regardless of their behavior. The majority of Germans in WWII were decent people beguiled into supporting Hitler while he murdered 6 million Jews.

At the risk of disturbing your sleep, keep in mind the president has the unquestioned authority to launch a cataclysmic nuclear war within five minutes.

What can we do to sleep better?

Harold Dawley


Move toward peace, justice

Today is the day of justice. In every corner of the Earth justice will reign.

Put down your weapons, end unjust imprisonment and clear the way for justice. Your armies, weapons or ego can not defeat justice.

This Earth is for peace and justice and if you continue to violate this trust, then you are to be released from your positions. Pull back your armies and move toward peace and justice.

Miguel Nicholson