Letters to the Editor

Readers views: Government must act against mass murder + Parents, people and police have the power

Government must act against mass murder

No number of lives, even children’s lives, can move the government to take action. A week of mourning and weeping, regrets and promises; then back to the status quo.

It’s a stain on this country that we’ll never live down. It’s fodder for the autocracies who can rightly ridicule the difference between our lofty slogans and the bitter truth.

When, in God’s name, will Congress put the lives of the people ahead of their re-election?

When will the NRA acknowledge that guns are lethal tools that must be closely regulated and that common-sense safety measures are not a slippery slope to more gun control?

They fancy themselves clairvoyant; able to see the future.

When the government proposed banning fully-automatic weapons in the 1930s, the NRA supported them. It was a socially responsible organization, then.

Today’s NRA would oppose them with the slippery slope argument, saying, “You’ll want to ban semi-automatics tomorrow.”

In fact, the government has never tried to ban semi-automatics, which belies today’s NRA mantra.

Bruce Emerick


Parents, people and police have the power

Congress cannot resolve the problem of mass-killings in this country. Politicians are just pandering for votes and any new laws only affect the innocent. The answer lies with parents, people and police. Parents need to know what their children are doing; people need to report adverse behavior; and police need to be proactive in dealing with those reports.

Vernon Steele


We are all one race

What does a Muslim, a Jewish person, a Christian, a Zoroastrian and everyone else walking on Earth have in common? They all breathe the same air, eat food to live, and on and on.

When will the citizens of Earth decide to accept that there is only one race, not a superior race or a better race? You are all one race.

The One Race began about 800,000 years ago, but for now America stands at a crossroads and no one seems to know what to do to solve the situation. You already know what the solution is. Say it out loud! Gather together at the table of unity. With all your diversity, respect, compassion, thoughts and opinions, then make an agreement after your discussions.

That is the modern way to a solution to this most “challenging issue” of race. Yes, it is a process for the communities and towns.

Miguel Nicholson


Advantages of Trump

President Trump, rough around the edges, yes. Made campaign promises and delivered, yes. Lowest unemployment in history across all races and higher wages due to tax cuts, yes. Willing to fight for America against China economically and challenge the world on trade to better all Americans and our allies, yes.

And all the while knows which state or country he’s in at all times always praising the American people, veterans and our strength as a nation, yes. You may not like the man, he’s isn’t a politician but a businessman who doesn’t care what the Democrats or fake news thinks. Maybe he tweets too much. But he’s better than the socialist alternative times 100.

Who pays for all the free stuff that’s promised by the Democratic party’s candidates? The exact same people who pay to read this paper, the American taxpayer.

This won’t be printed as usual.

Malcolm McBee


Seafood blessings

We are so blessed on this Coast, people don’t even realize how good we have it. I can buy fresh Louisiana oysters for 54 cents a piece. Shrimp are $5 a pound

Fresh redfish. Fresh red snapper. It just goes on and on.

Robert Blanchard


Choose wisely what your children watch

While watching previews for upcoming movies at a local theater a few weeks ago, I saw clips from “Good Boys.” Under the guise of comedy, the film aimed at middle school age children presents language and attitudes about sex, drugs and social interaction that parents would find inappropriate.

Just as the intrusion of freshwater into the Mississippi Sound has produced deadly effects, so do the intrusion of the attitudes and actions in this film that can affect the attitudes and behaviors of our children.

Please, wisely choose what your children watch. The children, our future, deserve better.

Catherine McIntyre

Long Beach

Social Security and socialism

As many Democrat presidential candidates are pushing a socialist agenda, the tired “well don’t you like your Social Security” argument as a defense of socialism surfaces.

Social Security was set up as a safety net for the elderly. Add-ons by politicians depleted the fund into a bloated, budget-busting program.

I didn’t have a choice, but if I did, I would like to have put that approximately 15 1/2% of every dollar I made for 49 years (44 years for my wife) that was sent to Washington, into a retirement program like the Thrift Savings Plan of government employees. That money for myself and my wife invested in no-risk (no loss) government securities would have drawn an average of over 3% for almost five decades.

Many people don’t realize what compounded interest over five decades can do. I have done the math, for my wife and I (average of lower-middle class incomes) that would be a minimum of $1 million for us at age 65. And the best part is that the money would be ours, in our account, still drawing interest.

Just the interest on that would be more than we draw in Social Security, with some remaining to buy health insurance, similar to the private insurance we used to have that had better coverage than Medicare.

We can’t turn back time, but this would benefit future generations and solve the problem of the current system busting the budget in a few years.

Senators, representatives, are you listening?

Paul Stultz

Ocean Springs