Letters to the Editor

Readers views: Money will not restore the seafood industry + Ludicrous drug prices

It will only get worse

Those who believe a lot of money will restore the seafood industry in South Mississippi are ignorant of what is really taking place. Aside from those who are making a lot of money off the taxpayers, harvesting seafood and inshore recreational fishing are a thing of the past.

There will always be too much freshwater because the tributaries that run into the Mississippi River are higher and flooding because of the clearing of land for farming and population growth. The forest and trees are gone that used to absorb groundwater. There’s nothing to stop the runoff of water and chemicals into the river. It will only get worse in years to come.

Bobby Jindal, the former governor of Louisiana, opened the spillway after the BP oil spill in 2010 to keep the oil out of the Louisiana marsh (didn’t work) and freshwater killed over 60 percent of the reefs.

A short time later he opened it to keep New Orleans from flooding. That pretty much killed the rest. It will not get better. Quit ripping off the taxpayers.

Irvin Favre

Long Beach

Ludicrous drug prices

Daily I take a drug, Omeprazole 40mg capsules. I am covered by TRICARE for life insurance and therefore pay a fixed amount of $7 for each 90-day supply that is mailed to me. The drug has been generic for 30 years. It is manufactured by 42 companies and is sold worldwide for very low prices.

A month or two after receiving my refill I can log on to Express Scripts and see an Explanation of Benefits that shows, inter alia, how much the taxpayers paid for the 90-day supply. My previous three refills had cost the taxpayers $8.51 each. A few weeks ago I looked at my Explanation of Benefits and noted the most recent cost of $666.57!

Express Scripts has assured me that the price is accurate. They have not explained or volunteered to investigate. I went to their boss, the Defense Health Agency, Program Integrity Office, which is charged to investigate fraud. They forwarded to Express Scripts. I received the same response.

After many hours of investigation I have come across multiple other cases and developed a theory that this must be the result of fraud, waste, abuse, malfeasance, incompetence, price-fixing and other illegal activity. It has been going on for at least three years and probably longer. Our government funds about $80 billion per year in drug purchases.

Charles Gallagher


You really want to be a Democrat?

Let’s see, if you’re a Democrat, you want higher taxes, free rationed health care, open borders, a guaranteed income whether you work or not, electric airplanes, no cows, and if anyone disagrees with you, you call them a racist. How anyone would want to be a democrat is beyond me.

John Wetzel

Long Beach

How do they do it?

My challenge to attorneys, judges, district attorneys, prosecutors and all in your profession that write, speak and hand down our laws, in whatever part of this county, state in which you may reside: Explain to us, the country, why do citizens of lesser money and power have to obey to the letter of the law, our laws while in our face, on national television and any media that airs, why those officials that occupy the highest offices in the land have outs to flaunt these laws (lawful subpoenas for a start) and ignore them at will. The average guy or girl would be arrested for this offense.

Please, step up and use your considerable talents for the written and oral word and speak to these discrepancies in our laws. Surely you know the answer to this. If you do not step up to speak to this inquiry, that means you accept the premise of their lawlessness and as it applies to us, the ordinary, law-abiding citizens that elected you and believe in you.

Not patiently waiting.

Ray Howze