Letters to the Editor

Readers views: War with Iran is not the answer + Send a message to trading partners

The voices of war

The Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan wars caused significant unnecessary loss of life and financial loss in the trillions. Not learning from our mistakes in starting the above wars, some of the same voices are again calling for war with Iran without adequate justification.

We are living in strange times when up is down and down is up as truth and objectivity are no longer a given. Our traditional values on which our Constitution is based such as honesty, truthfulness, loyalty, fairness, faithfulness, love of our neighbor, equality and kindness to those in need are no longer seen as cherished guidelines worth following. Open outright lying and irrational, impulsive and dangerous behavior in Washington is accepted by many of us.

It’s time for a wake-up call by recognizing we are living in one of the most dangerous times in our history. Our government is mired in turmoil and confusion. At the highest level, crucial decisions are frequently made impulsively without adequate thought or guidance. A simple mistake or outright lie could trigger an unstoppable cataclysmic nuclear war with missiles reaching America within minutes. Those calling for a new war will not escape its consequences if it gets out of control.

In normal times the above scenario is hopefully remote. But keep in mind at any given time the president has complete and sole authority to launch a full-scale nuclear attack within five minutes of deciding to do so.

Sleep on it.

Harold Dawley


Send a message to trading partners

Tariffs no. Buy American Campaign yes. A serious campaign designed to encourage U.S. consumers to “Buy American” products and services would in no uncertain terms send a message to our trading partners that the U.S. is indeed a self-sufficient nation in terms of raw materials and in need of very few imports from abroad.

Such a campaign would further suggest to our trading partners around the world that Americans are willing to purchase U.S.-made goods and services at a hirer price to protect our country’s economy and its workforce rather than endure unfair trade practices by any and all countries wanting to do business with the world’s largest economy.

As far as the threatened tariffs against Mexico for failing to stem the flow of illegal immigrants across their border into the U.S., I would suggest that that the government simply increase the travel warning (and justifiably so) status of Mexico that would discourage and even ban Americans from traveling to that country thus depriving their economy of the much needed U.S. tourist and the billions of dollars they spend annually.

David Mattina


Pitts had no facts

The opinion article by Leonard Pitts on May 26 demonstrates a conclusion without facts. A responsible writer would never do that unless he plans to be a pied piper leading susceptible followers to disaster. His article reminded me of James Clapper’s testimony on March 12, 2013, when he answered that the NSA did not collect any type of data on millions of Americans, “not wittingly.”

Pitts’ article included similar not wittingly statements promoting impeachment of Donald Trump. He begins with empathy for Pelosi -- “you almost felt sorry for Nancy Pelosi.” Obviously Pitts was suggesting Pelosi should have been welcomed with open arms and a big smile when she walked into Donald Trump’s office for a cooperative meeting moments after she accused him of the serious crime of a cover-up. Neither Pitts nor Pelosi explained what the cover-up was or is.

Then Pitts writes that Trump “allegedly paid hush money to women.” Perhaps Pitts didn’t know how to use Clapper’s “not wittingly” and decided to use “allegedly” instead. That’s no match for Clapper’s “not wittingly.” Then Pitts adds, “Still, he is reported to have stormed angrily into the room without sitting or shaking hands and proceeded to have a hissy fit.”

He concludes, “After all, Trump has lied, given succor to our enemies, spilled state secrets and obstructed justice in plain sight.” He ends, “Impeach him now.” Pitts reported no documented facts; only allegations and reports that Trump has done evil.

God bless America.

Will Clark