Letters to the Editor

Readers views: Protect home health for seniors + When are police going to enforce the speed limit on Pass Road?

Protect home health for seniors

Across the United States, more than 3.5 million seniors rely on Medicare home health to remain in their homes and receive necessary skilled health care services, including nursing and therapy services. However, a new Medicare payment model is threatening to risk access to care for our most vulnerable seniors. This new payment model would cut Medicare home health by 6.42% — equaling more than $1 billion in 2020 — based purely on assumptions about changes in provider behaviors under the new system.

Fortunately, our lawmakers in Congress are taking action to protect home health. The Home Health Payment Innovation Act (S.433 and H.R. 2573) would fix problems with this new payment system to ensure seniors don’t lose access to the care they need and prefer. I urge our state’s senators and members of Congress to join in support of this vital legislation.

Madelyn David

Bay St. Louis

Pass Road conundrum

In whose jurisdiction is the next traffic fatality going to be? As a full-time bicyclist who must cross this 35mph (joke!) “racetrack” very often, I 1) am lucky to still be alive and 2) have seen at least five near fatalities within last two weeks.

When are Gulfport and Biloxi Police Departments going to start enforcing the speed limit?! At least start putting up the “your speed is” radar units. Can our bicycle club (plus any others) sue either city for non-enforcement of the posted speed limit? Lawyers, can you answer?

John Barrett


Open discussions to end racial prejudice

First, America has to remove itself from the thought that politics is the solution to all of the issues of the day. The solutions are in the voices of individuals in their communities. Those solutions to the issues we face are spiritual in nature, not political.

We must all understand that there is only one race. All of the religions have the same common foundation. America has to come to an understanding about race. If there is to be a violence-free society, we must have that understanding.

Plan open discussions about how to end the sickness of racial prejudice and hatred. Children and adults. This is the day, now is the time.

Miguel Niicholson


Natural resources whaaaa?

It has long been established that natural resources, such as redfish or red snapper, are the property of all Americans. The consumption of these resources (renewable) are managed to protect their viability for future generations.

If we, as we should be, are concerned with conserving, some things, for our posterity, why do we not also conserve nonrenewable resources, such as oil and natural gas?

We are constantly being informed as to the enormous amount of reserves of oil and natural gas within our borders. We are supposedly energy independent and self-sustainable in that field. I believe this is true.

So why are gasoline prices rising? Is it because that, though we are independent and self-sustainable, producers make more money by keeping our resources tied to the global price. Or is it because producers are selling our natural resources to foreign countries, thus reducing domestic availability and causing higher prices for American citizens, who actually own these natural resources.

If energy independence is so vital to our nation’s security, why are we allowing producers and traders to threaten that independence, by exporting the energy resources?

The mantra repeated by many, that “we must export to defeat Russia in the world oil market” is a fraud. Oil-consuming nations have many sources that produce and sell oil. Buying from Russia is not the “only” option for world energy.

Thank goodness we are prudent enough to protect some resources. Our only hope is that someone invents a car that will run on redfish.

Ron Williams

Moss Point