Letters to the Editor

Readers views: Travel and tourism is important to Coastal Mississippi + Want improved roads?

Celebrating Coastal Mississippi

Today marks the first day of National Travel & Tourism Week, reminding us of the importance of the travel and tourism industry to our coastal communities.

Having launched a new brand for the destination, Coastal Mississippi: The Secret Coast, on March 11 this year, and with more than $660 million dollars in development, new hotel properties, new restaurants and family attractions spread across the region, the “Secret Coast” has plenty of new surprises, hidden gems and unexpected delights to be discovered.

We are poised at the perfect intersection between travel trends and a booming travel infrastructure, with beautiful coastal towns offering a phenomenal array of unique things to do, see and experience. Thanks to the support from elected officials, industry leaders, and the community, the future of Coastal Mississippi’s travel and tourism industry is looking very bright indeed.

To learn more about National Travel & Tourism Week, visit www.ustravel.org/events/national-travel-and-tourism-week, and visit www.CoastalMississippi.com to see our newly-launched campaign.

Milton Segarra, CDME

CEO, Coastal Mississippi

Want improved roads?

It should be the duty of each City Council member to at least once a month drive every road in their ward and report unsafe pavement conditions, such as potholes, faded street markings, out-of-order street lighting and malfunctioning traffic lights. If these conditions are not corrected then the council member has failed in his/her duty and should be recalled from office or certainly voted out of office in the next election. All else has failed.

The citizens of the Mississippi Gulf Coast deserve much improved and safer grade of roadways than now exist. I think no one who has lived on the Coast for any length of time would argue that point.

David Mattina


Socialism not a threat

I received a letter from A Republican organization that headlined: “The United Socialist States of America” followed by: “Your Freedom Stolen” and “Our Constitution Shredded.” Wow!

We have had socialized public education (K-12) for over 100 years, without those results. We have also endured socialized public libraries and welfare programs. Our democracy can adopt (and/or adapt) as much socialism as the people desire without damaging our principles. The GOP’s gerrymandering and voter suppression are a bigger threat to democracy than is socialism.

Bruce Emerick


Reeves supports the Gulf, us

Here on the Gulf Coast, we all remember the devastation of the horrific Deepwater Horizon oil spill. A disaster we’re still working to recover from. None of us escaped the traumatic effects of the BP oil spill, impacting everyone from fishermen, hotel owners, restaurant owners and local residents.

While inland lawmakers wanted the settlement money for their own use and liberals forgot about us the moment the spotlight moved, Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves has stood strong for the Gulf and remains committed to doing what is right to help us.

Tate Reeves has always stood strong for the Gulf, and that’s why I’m standing with him for governor.

Natalie Guess