Letters to the Editor

Readers views: Stop hating on Trump + Fix the driver’s license renewal mess

Does hate create blindness?

As I read the letter published April 7, my interest in the subject changed to sorrow for the writer. The article was titled, “The Trump Method.” My focus changed to two fundamentals. One is how hate blinds reality. The other is that generalities never win arguments.

In my high school English writing class I learned that generalities should never be used to prove a point. The writer totally failed that basic fundamental. He lost his argument when he wrote that Trump has told over 8,000 documented lies; but he never presented even one of those 8,000 documented lies.

As I learned in that high school class, one who fails to present facts are afraid of their own argument. They have lost the argument before they begin. That writer might have proved his point if he had documented something like, “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. If you like your plan you can keep your plan.” He failed.

Is it a lie that Donald Trump has succeeded in returning 20 captives from “foreign captivity?” Is it a lie that Donald Trump has created the return of thousands of jobs from competing nations? Is it a lie that Donald Trump’s actions have lowered the unemployment rate from over 6 percent to less than 4 percent? Is it a lie that Donald Trump is trying to protect our nation by improving our immigration system? Where are the lies? Can you see them?

Will Clark


First, fix the driver’s license mess

Hopefully the candidates for governor will consider the following proposals.

Do something about the mess in renewing or getting a state driver’s license. The current system is too hard on citizens, particularly the elderly. Let me suggest two new provisions. (1) Exempt for life licenses renewal when the holder reaches 82 years of age. (2) Extend for life driver’s license renewed at age 65 for all veterans.

Also, do a review of the state’s health department. It seems to be overfunded and overstaffed. Find ways to open health facilities in poor counties, which currently have no health facilities.

Wallace Dabbs

Bay St. Louis

Note to candidates

You have applied for a position that the employers (voters) have to consider your resume. Please approach this as a job interview to determine if you have the skills and qualifications for the position. We want to know about you.

I have been a project manager and in some job interviews, I have had applicants let me know the lowdowns on other job applicants who were applying for the same position. This was an automatic rejection from me (no vote) because the applicant is showing that he/she would not be a team player and may bring disharmony to the job.

Focus on yourself. Tell us what you are bringing to the table. Candidates seeking re-election or rehire: Please tell us what you have accomplished, projects that you are currently involved with and future projects you hope to accomplish in the next four years.

At any rate, I wish you all the best on having the best interview (campaign) to get the position you seek.

Michael Switzer