Letters to the Editor

Readers views: ABC needs a new warehouse + Restaurant tax not that big of a deal

ABC needs a new warehouse

As a local family owned package store owner, I wish to share some thoughts and insights that collectively impact my industry in Mississippi.

In a recent Sun Herald article, there was breakdown of revenue monies spent in Mississippi since the enactment of House Bill 1630: $500,000 each month goes to support the Gulf Coast Aquarium Construction Fund, $41,663 goes to support the Catfish Row Museum Construction Fund and $83,334 to the Bass Cultural Arts Center.

Good projects, but the state should also invest in one of its best sources of revenue, the Alcohol Beverage Control. Because it generated in 2018 alone $114,883,277 in revenue for Mississippi.

The current ABC Warehouse can no longer handle today’s volume and capacity properly, which is causing reduced service to all distributors throughout Mississippi. The state’s Department of Revenue is asking to purchase an existing warehouse, located directly across the street, for $4,100,000. This facility has 51,830 square feet of climate-controlled warehouse space, seven dock doors and one drive-in door, which will provide a long-term solution for ABC Warehouse capacity issues and support the potential average 3 percent growth for the next 15 years.

Contact your representatives in Jackson and ask them to approve this purchase. It will increase revenue to the state for education and infrastructure as well as enable your local package store to best serve customers while preserving local business in Mississippi.

Mike Mensi


Restaurant tax not that big of a deal

With all the discussion over the 2 percent tax increase on restaurants, I have to weigh in.

First I must admit that I pay plenty of taxes already and hate the continued increases in volume and the decreases in deduction available. But I also must admit that I don’t mind taxes that can be used to make our children’s world better.

It’s a lot of noise over a small amount of impact. The numbers tell you it is minimal to everyone living here and will be shared by visitors. If a person pays $25 for a meal three times a week for 52 weeks, the amount of extra tax spent would be a very nominal $78. Not that big of a deal.

David Shoemake


Mississippi sinking in debt

I ran for governor of Mississippi eight years ago. The people chose otherwise and I respect that.

We now find ourselves in another election cycle. To that effort, and though I am not running, I have a few comments to be considered.

Our state is further in debt than we were eight years ago. Whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, that debt belongs to you and the other citizens of this great state.

To you Democrats who want an expansion of social services, I say, an expansion will eventually be impossible due to servicing our debt. To you Republicans who want to exercise conservatism, I say, there won’t be much to conserve after we pay the interest and principal on our debt.

So regardless of which party you are allied with, I offer this food for thought: Look at the faces of those running now. Many of them, both Democrats and Republicans, were in Jackson for the last eight years. They sunk us further into debt, yet, they ask us to send them back into office. Many are seeking an upgrade in their political careers, by seeking higher office. Are we Mississippians really that foolish?

I ask that all of us demand from whatever candidates we support an unwavering commitment and promise to not allow our debt to increase during their term.

Ron Williams

Moss Point