Letters to the Editor

Sound Off for Feb. 11, 2019

Let’s vote

I don’t oppose updating our state flag. I support another ballot initiative that will let Mississippians vote for their own choice of flag, from among many designs submitted by Mississippians that reflect who we are as a state culture.

Pay your share

This is in response to Sound Off calling social security and Medicare “socialist programs.” My husband and I worked all our lives for the penance we receive from Social Security, and, Medicare is not free! We pay every month for a supplemental policy and a fee comes directly out of the social security check for the privilege of having Medicare. Not to mention taxes paid over the years for these programs. In addition, we pay a drug insurance policy each month which does not always cover costs. Medicaid recipients, however, pay nothing.

One worry

We don’t realize how lucky we are to live in the USA. We don’t have to worry about planes dropping bombs on our homes or anything like that. Our only worry is the Congress passing more useless laws.

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