Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for Feb. 3, 2019

Make Mississippi a better place

Every minute, every day, we are faced with choices. The decisions we make based on these choices turn out for the betterment or detriment of ourselves and of others. Mississippi is no different.

Every day decisions can be made to help the state or to hurt it. Mississippi is a beautiful, creative place. Every day, decisions are being made that cause the beautiful, creative, brilliant people of this state to leave. It’s called brain drain, and it’s happening at alarming rates. What causes it? Wages, jobs, prejudice, restrictions.

The people who run our state, our counties, and our towns, and our chambers of commerce can make decisions every day to draw businesses and companies of different flavors — film, music, technology, food, entertainment, manufacturing, fashion and science just to name a few, to the state. The state can easily flourish and become the next hub for whatever we decide it to be, we just need the leadership to do it and people to make it work. We have the things to make this happen, but for years nothing has.

Why can’t there be a renaissance in the Delta? A resurgence along the river? An explosion of prosperity on the Coast? These are the questions we need to ask ourselves at the polls, when we’re spending money, when we are talking to people, when we look at our colleges and universities. Mississippi can be a better place than it already is, we just have to make it that way.

Jessica Herr

Long Beach

Remember steaks for 66 cents a pound?

You folks should start a column showing select pages or articles from old papers. I just came across an old Picayune Item page from the early 1950s. On the page was a supermarket ad. One of the items was T-bone steaks for 66 cents per pound. The surprising item was chicken for 69 cents per pound.

Only old people remember that back then chicken was Sunday dinner. I think that it would amaze the younger crowd to see some of the happenings from days of long ago. My grandchildren think I am making stuff up until I show it to them in writing.

Cecil Craft


How stupid do the Republicans think we are?

On Jan. 25, Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel tweeted deceptive unemployment statistics in an effort to bash former President Barack Obama and praise President Donald Trump.

Unemployment rate: Obama 9.9 percent, Trump 3.9 percent

GDP: Obama -2.5 percent, Trump +3.0 percent

Total jobs lost: Obama 5.1 million; Total jobs gained: Trump 2.6 million.

What she did not include was that these numbers are from the the first week of Obama’s presidency; he had replaced the brilliant and wildly successful George Bush less than a week before.

Britton Cagle