Letters to the Editor

Sound Off for Jan. 21, 2019

Not a deterrent

So that realtor on the front page didn’t know bid fixing was illegal? I don’t see much of a deterrent in four months.

The economy

Wonder if Trump understands how bad the economy is being hurt and how long that will last? When people lose their jobs and can’t pay for food and housing, they don’t forget that. The ripple effect might lose lots of jobs and send us into recession. Trump will be remembered saying he would love to shut it down.

A big problem

We are reading far too many cases of child abuse, including child neglect and deaths of innocent babies and children as a result of child abuse. This is sickening. What is happening in our society? I believe we have a drug/alcohol problem in our society far worse than any of us can imagine. And as mentioned before in Sound Off, the availability of mental health services is extremely poor. When one admits that he/she needs help, they are often told of the lengthy wait for an appointment. And therefore the cycle of mental illness, drug/alcohol abuse, and child abuses continues.

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