Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for Dec. 9, 2018

An end to abortion — anytime soon?

I read with interest the Nov. 29, 2018, front page article “Senate race may not be ending anytime soon” in which Democrat Mike Espy, who gained 46.1 percent of the recent vote, envisions his good showing as part of a significant movement.

One of the biggest hurdles to bipartisan legislation in Congress is unquestionably the issue of abortion. The recent Senate confirmation hearings involving Justice Kavanaugh are evidence of that.

For 250 years African-Americans endured slavery. Then there was a century or so of legal segregation. Then came Roe vs. Wade and abortion. Some say we have had about 60,000,000 abortions. Sadly, African-Americans, who make up about 12 percent of the population, apparently account for over a third of current abortions. African-Americans are thus the victims once again, this time of what many believe to be our greatest national sin.

There was a time when women contemplating abortion were told their conception was just a blob of tissue, but the continuing revelations of modern science, DNA and genetics increasingly demonstrate the amazing miracle that occurs when sperm and egg combine to create a human cell, which apparently contains the whole blueprint of another human life.

If blacks, whether as Democrats or Republicans, ever took it upon themselves to collectively fight this last degradation of their humanity and to come out boldly for the right-to-life of their little humans in the womb, I think it would change the course of American history and foster a better functioning Congress. What say you, Mr. Espy?

Harry R. Hull Jr.

Pass Christian

Good job, Coliseum

The Coast Coliseum staff, volunteers and law enforcement at the Trump rally (on Nov. 26) should be commended for the excellent job they did. We arrived at 5 p.m. and were ushered straight to a parking spot.

Dreading long lines we were then directed to a line proceeding through one of the many security checkpoints. Checked by ample courteous officers, we were through in 20 minutes. We were stunned, expecting to wait in line for hours.

Once inside we were ushered by many pleasant volunteers showing us directions to great seats. The Christmas decorations were beautiful. The press and VIP areas were very organized with workers scurrying about their jobs.

The entire venue was professionally handled. The Gulf Coast should be very proud of their courteous efforts handling such a large, security-difficult situation.

Sherry Jumonville and

John Bone

Apalachicola, Florida; and Ocean Springs

Yes, global warming is unbelievable

Just read the “Unbelievable” letter (Dec. 2), with the information that the lower 48 states has warmed 1.8 degrees in the last about 120 years, with two-thirds of that in the last few decades. We are inundated with a lot of information, theories and predictions. I am a skeptic.

Actually contrary to what we are told, there is a very long list of respected climatologists/scientists who do not agree with the human-induced global warming theories. Many older people on the Coast are familiar with the late Dr. William Gray, emeritus professor of Atmospheric Science at Colorado State University. For many years he was a top climatologist who gave us hurricane information. He, as well as many others in his field, oppose these theories.

Here are some facts to research: Of the record high temperature for each of our states, 25 occurred in the 1930s, 10 occurred before 1930. None of the states has a record high temperature since 2000. I am not a noted climatologist like Dr. Gray, but wouldn’t you think that just a couple of the state record highs would be in the last two decades, with the massive burning of fossil fuels?

I know someone can come up with a theory for this, and just like with the recent record snows, global warming causes that. Contrary to what Al Gore got a Nobel prize and a few hundred million dollars for telling us — that we would be seeing little snow in the northern USA by now.

Paul Stultz

Ocean Springs

Capitalism vs. socialism

Of late, a more stark contrast could not be drawn on a single product illustrating the great difference between capitalism and socialism. That product is gasoline. Yesterday I observed it less than $2 a gallon. This is due to market machinations and the fact that there is a glut of oil in this country. A free market says the more of a product you have, the lower the price and vice versa.

Now contrast this with France, which now has gas over $7 a gallon. Riots are happening in the streets of Paris over this condition. Yet how does the socialist left media in our country report this? They say the riots are occurring because of “rising fuel prices.”

While this is true, they don’t say what caused the rise in prices. It is because the darling socialist president of France Emmanuel Macron imposed an even higher tax on fuel, claiming he’s doing his part to stop man-made climate change. He’s definitely discouraging its use. Apparently a lot of Frenchmen disagree with their rigid socialist president. I do also, yet there are many in this country embracing this proven-to-fail system.

The ignorance is sad, and dangerous to the future of our country.

Joe Boughton