Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for Sept. 9

Fireworks light up MGM Park, home of the Biloxi Shuckers. A kicked-up show will follow the game with Mobile on July 3.
Fireworks light up MGM Park, home of the Biloxi Shuckers. A kicked-up show will follow the game with Mobile on July 3. Sun Herald File

“Angels” helped fan

I recently attended a Thursday night baseball game between the Biloxi Shuckers and the Blue Wahoo

I had to leave early and my car was parked under the overpass. As I started walking I got an Angina pain in my chest and stopped to take a rest. A lady and her family were walking behind me and stopped to watch out for me as I recovered.

I walked another 75 yards and the pain returned. The lady and her family stopped with me and decided I needed a ride to my car where my medication was. A member of their group went ahead and returned with their car. They rode me to my car and waited until I looked fairly normal and went to their car.

Those wonderful people have my heartfelt thanks for what they did and I will always remember those "Angels" I met at MGM Park.

John Wetzel

Long Beach

Who represents me?

In my early school days, I was taught that America had a representative form of government, that we elected representatives and senators to represent our best interests in Washington.

Here in Mississippi, we have Rep. Steve Palazzo, and (I know nothing about the the replacement for senator Cochran so I'll keep my remarks to the long-standing Senator), Sen. Roger Wicker, both of whom have a miserable voting record. Their votes are often diametrically opposed to the best interests of our citizenry, particularly to the interests of elderly retirees of which I am one.

They both have done everything to see to it that no one except the ultra rich have access to affordable health care and now they are coming after Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

Why Is this?

Could it be that the enormous amounts of money both have received from special interest groups could be influencing their votes? Both men have been a rubber stamp for Trump's infantile policies, even though these policies have furthered poisoned our water, our air and our climate.

Now they have taken my peace of mind. Where do I go for representation? What do I do about the constant turmoil I feel in my mind? When did it happen that our congressional representatives decided to represent their own cockeyed so-called ideals? Where do I go for recourse?

I'm hoping someone will think about this situation and consider it when they vote in November.

Stephen Ray Kutos

Pass Christian

Who needs friends?

The recent "coordinated" editorial claimed “we are not enemies of the people."

But take a another look. Individual media companies colluded with one another to put forward a united claim under the First Amendment. Have you seen them do that for the Second Amendment?

Why not? More people are killed from drug/gang violence than mass shootings. Both are tragic. One gets more attention in the media. Why?

Opioids are killing more Americans than guns or vehicles. But do they finger the pharmaceutical industry, medical and mental health professionals who feed or disguise these conditions?

Stories about sexual abuse by Hollywood moguls, celebrities, and religious leaders have been around for decades. Politicians abuse taxpayers' trust and funds routinely. Where is the media's outrage?

They report stories that are slanted with language chosen to support a narrative by "selected facts" protected by the First Amendment but not to tell the truth for the consumer. "Facts" are not necessarily facts because it appears in the media.

Remember "WMDs" in Iraq, or four Americans killed in Benghazi because of a video. Who tells that fact? Sadly, the media doesn't care that only 1 in 6 Americans trust them. With friends like these do we need enemies?

Rick Brown


Promises kept

"Drain the swamp," was the impassioned promise of candidate Trump.

Clearly, it is not going the way he envisioned. President Trump's former campaign manager, Paul Manaford, and his long time lawyer, Michael Cohen, will both be sentenced to jail terms and fines for convictions for corruption, bank fraud and tax fraud.

Ironically, we are reminded that he is keeping his campaign promises.

Charles A. Boggs

Long Beach