Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for May 27, 2018

The Armed Forces Retirement Home in Gulfport was rebuild after the old home was destroyed by Katrina.
The Armed Forces Retirement Home in Gulfport was rebuild after the old home was destroyed by Katrina. amccoy@sunherald.com File

Rich Only Need Apply

A massive increase in resident fees at the Armed Forces Retirement Home is forcing many aging retired military men and women to move out — many with nowhere to go.

Despite the statement in the AFRH fiscal year 2018 Congressional Budget Justification that residents had just endured a large fee increase in FY 2015 and 2016, and that another large increase would “generate minimum revenue” and “result in veterans with no viable senior living option” — on April 9, fee increases of up to 110 percent were announced.

The Homes are currently not operating at full occupancy.

When ask how he expects to solve income shortfalls (reason for the increase) with so many vacancies being created (from residents being forced out), James Branham, ARFH chief operating officer, replied that plans are underway to open the facility to a wider range of applicants — younger and more able to afford the new (outlandishly high) rates.

While prospective residents may be able to budget for the higher fees as they move in — it is totally unconscionable to expect the current residents (many who have been living on tight fixed budgets for years) to have the excess funds available to pay the massive monthly increase — forcing them to move out to make room for those who can pay.

Robert Guenther

Resident, AFRH-Gulfport

Write your congressman about Medicaid changes

I am a nurse practitioner, who has owned a clinic for diabetes in Ocean Springs.

Today I received a letter from Medicaid stating that as of Sept. 1, 2018, I could no longer order medical supplies, equipment and appliances.

This means for my Medicaid recipients they will need to see a physician for the insulin pump, supplies and test strips orders.

I called Medicaid and was told that this is because of Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services requirements.

I have written letters to my congressmen. I have been helping people with diabetes in this community for 20 years. I will not sit by and let critical life saving treatment be delayed for my Medicaid patients that need them.

This change does not make any sense. I can treat a patient, prescribe insulin if needed, but cannot order a device to infuse the insulin or a test strip. If this Medicaid change effects you please contact your representative in Congress.

KC Arnold

Ocean Springs

Time to overhaul association dues in Diamondhead

The year 2020 will be here before we know it, and the lawsuit to continue forced dues in the Diamondhead Property Owners Association does not have much chance for success. Thus it appears we must streamline operations and enable the DPOA to continue by using voluntary dues. One way is to allow each member to dedicate their dues to a particular amenity. This could start with the 2019 dues.

Those who use the amenities will pay for them.

Then in 2020 we would switch to a policy of membership in each amenity or we would have a country club membership, a golf membership, a tennis world membership etc. If you pay dues to that amenity then you could use it. Or no pay, no play. Presently nonresidents can use all of our amenities with little or no difference from the cost paid by residents. Thus membership in the Diamondhead POA affords little advantage.

When the streets were given to the city the DPOA did not comply with the covenants that require an 85 percent approval by all property owners, not just those voting. This was the only amenity that was used by all the residents yet all residents are forced to pay dues that support all of the remaining amenities.

For the last 48 years the members have had a contract with the DPOA to pay dues.

Likewise the Diamondhead POA has a contract with the members to cease forced dues for most in June 2020.

Time to fish or cut bait and honor the contract.

John Fletcher


People of the Bay deserve answers

Thank you, Paul Hampton, for your article regarding the shenanigans going on in Bay St. Louis. Ellis Anderson was reported as being “livid” when she was fired from the Historic Preservation Committee and then turned that anger into something very productive. She turned that anger into a new Facebook page and a new web page to benefit the town of Bay St. Louis.

That is sooooo Ellis Anderson. As I have said more than once, she has more integrity in her little finger than most of us have in our whole body.

As good as the article was, it still did not answer the question that I put to Larry Smith, the Ward 4 Councilman shortly after the firing.

“What reason did you have for firing Ellis Anderson? What is the ‘legal problem’ you won’t talk about?” I was told he couldn’t comment until the city attorney gives him the OK. In the article he stated “it was in the interest of the citizens of the citizens of Bay St. Louis. That’s really all I need to say.”

I disagree. You need to say a whole lot more than that. I may not be a citizen of BSL but I sell my art there and am a citizen of Hancock County. Ellis Anderson has done as much for Bay St. Louis as any other individual I know. The residents of Hancock county deserve answers and Ellis Anderson deserves both answers and respect.

Julie Nelson