Letters to the Editor

Confederate Memorial Day should continue

I wish to take issue to your recent editorial against Confederate Memorial Day in Mississippi.

What statue-removers and others fail to realize is that we cannot erase history. Like it or not, the Civil War did happen, the Confederacy was a separate government, and the war was America’s greatest tragedy, with whites and blacks alike losing their lives for the cause.

The commemoration of such events is not a celebration or adoration of the Confederacy. Rather, it is a commemoration of actual historic events that occurred not just to maintain slavery (which was happening in both the North and the South), but for state’s rights. Much of what the South has been unfairly criticized for was going on in both the North and the South. Stereotypes got out of hand, and became fodder for those opposed to slavery (which was ended by President Lincoln).

Visit any Confederate museum, or read any of the numerous scholarly books of Civil War history to understand the real facts.

What might be offensive to one group is not to another.

Confederate Memorial Day shall continue to be a state holiday, and state entities that received state funding should respect the holiday by giving their employees the day off, just as is done with MLK Day, among others.

Stanley Hastings