Letters to the Editor

Little hope for veterans at AFRH

There appears to be little hope for military veteran residents of the Armed Forces Retirement Home (AFRH) who are being forced out. Despite an aggressive letter-writing campaign by residents of the Home in Gulfport, and Washington, D.C., and numerous calls for help — the recent announced massive fee increase is still on track for October.

Due to poor management and delayed actions, the Home has found itself in a dire financial situation. Four years ago, a plan was implemented to resolve the problem. However, the only action from that plan that was put into effect — was the raising of resident fees and percentage caps. None of the other actions were taken.

Now, citing convenient figures and not facts — another fee increase has been announced (110 percent in some cases). What average person can take a $1,500-a-month hit to their budget — let alone an aging retired veteran on a fixed income?

I could just as easily solve the national debt.

The bosses of those whose poor management and actions (inactions) that led to this point should be the ones paying — not the veterans who have already given so much. Demand your local and Washington representative take action on behalf of these men and women. Help these veterans who are being forced out — many with nowhere to go.

Robert Guenther