Letters to the Editor

Where is the outcry on AFRH increases?

When was the last time your landlord or mortgage lender raised your monthly rent 50 percent? How about a mortgage increase of over $500 a month ? That is what I and almost 1,000 fellow veterans and retirees face at the Armed Forces Retirement homes effective on Oct. 1.

Some residents will face a 100-plus percent increase. This is insane, draconian and has shocked the veteran population beyond belief. I know of no other governmental agency that has pulled this off ever. I have written letters and sent emails to our elected officials without a single reply. I mailed letters to every service organization (American Legion, VFW, etc.) and yes even President Trump got one.

To date, the move to increase rents continues. As a patriot, a volunteer and a proud veteran of 20 years in the Air Force, I am angry and so very frustrated over our government’s careless actions and poor leadership in managing a wonderful retirement facility that now I must leave.

Rick Eyman