Letters to the Editor

Biloxi, do something to stop speeders

While I am not a full-time resident of Biloxi, I own a home on east Howard Avenue and pay taxes accordingly. However, I am unable to vote. On three occasions I have expressed my concern about the excessive speed of cars traveling on Howard Avenue. There is no stop sign from Main to Oak in both directions.

Most recently, the police department placed a sign to monitor motorist speeds. Why? It has been done before and nothing has been done about it.

Every morning young children gather to catch the school bus on Howard and Keller. This morning 18 to be exact. I have no children but why has the city done nothing to curtail the speed of cars to protect them?

In the past, I have asked about speed bumps only to be laughed at. I’m not saying that speed bumps are the answer but there should, at the very least, be a four-way stop in between these two streets on Howard. Anything to slow motorists down. Perhaps it is like the ridiculous construction that continues and has forced small business owners out simply because it is just East Biloxi.

I would bet the ranch that the decision makers do not live here on the east end.

Deborah House