Letters to the Editor

Is anyone listening to cries of AFRH residents?

I am an amputee who lives at the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Gulfport. In 2012 I decided the AFRH was where I could go to finish the rest of my life. I did this so as not to be a burden to my children.

I also knew that I would need extra help in my later years due to the loss of my leg. The “Home” was the perfect solution — it provided the help I would need, and it was affordable. So I sold my home, gave up my dog and moved in.

Now comes the notice that the resident fee would be raised Oct. 1. The increase for me would be 50 percent of gross. Others would be 100 percent. It goes without saying that it now becomes unaffordable. I will have to move out. At my age of 81, I don’t know how I’ll manage.

No replies have been forthcoming from all the letters and emails that have been sent to our veterans organizations, or from our state legislators and beyond. Is anyone listening!

Arthur Anderson