Letters to the Editor

Retired veterans are being forced out at AFRH

I am one of the retired enlisted veterans living here at Armed Forces Retirement Home in Gulfport and I am angry and disappointed over what is happening here. I feel that those of us who are having a hard time making ends meet are being forced out of our homes in order to open the facility to those more fortunate.

I felt blessed when I moved in here — my “forever home” — when I reached eligible age. I uprooted myself from home and family across the country and made my home here. And now I have to leave because someone who makes a heck of a lot more money than I do feels this is the best move for the future of the “enlisted” retirement home.

If this increase does go into effect, AFRH will no longer be the retirement home we were told would be available when we got older. Shame on those who came up with this idea. Where was the concern when our trust fund was mishandled so badly years ago? This should not be the way retired veterans are treated.

Donna Rogers