Letters to the Editor

AFRH rent increases are not leaving good options

Regarding the AFRH-Gulfport fee (rent) increase: While I absolutely 100 percent understand and agree a fee increase is necessary (for independent residents as of Oct. 1, from 40 percent to 60 percent of net income, with a maximum of $3,054 a month from a maximum of $1,458 a month) — my personal opinion is it’s absolutely draconian. Phase it in over two, three or more years. A magnificent deal for the money is going to become, at best, a less than OK one.

Some may have no choice but to forgo having an automobile and insurance payment therewith. Some will be unable to send the kids or grandkids birthday checks, provide financial assistance to others, continue a life insurance policy and the list can go on. I wholeheartedly understand the “pain and suffering,” but it is the new reality for almost all residents. They face making a major change to individual desires and lifestyle based on a new financial reality, or relocating with other arrangements for long-term care. Neither option would be something anybody would want to be put in the position of having to make, however, it is what it is.

Residents are carefully analyzing their personal financial situation, future (or present) needs or wants, and making a decision if they want to continue to be a resident or relocate. At an average age of 83, with limited or no option, this is not the way to take care of America’s heroes.

S. Philip Ford

Chairman, Resident Advisory Committee, AFRH-Gulpfort