Letters to the Editor

Highway walls help with noise and safety

Prior to my trip to California, there had been some questions about the proposed wall along I-10 in the vicinity of Diamondhead. While in Los Gatos, California, I saw firsthand a portion of a highway wall, at the back yard of private property. The masonry wall reduces the noise level produced by vehicular traffic and in addition protects property from potential damage that could be caused by vehicles involved in traffic accidents. These walls are massive and high, perhaps 15 feet tall. When vegetation is allowed to cover the wall, noise suppression is enhanced considerably.

Here in California’s Silicon Valley, the population density has brought housing and highways in close proximity to each other and, I might add, these highways have multilanes, and seem always to be congested with all manner of vehicular traffic. The traffic noise is horrendous. The walls provide citizens with a very good noise abatement option and a barrier of safety that make them well worth the cost.

Roberto F. Van Peski

Bay St. Louis