Letters to the Editor

Anger and lies

There is much going on in this world to be angry about, but our anger must be rightly focused, measured and righteous, with truthful responses made. On the other side, unbridled anger, baseless and unfounded in truth produces hatred and violence. It binds up resentment and bitterness in the person and blinds them to the rational, the reasonable. We see this anger regularly on the Hard Left.

Our culture is full of lies, lies that have been thrust and pressed upon us and as we oppose them we are demonized, intimidated and harassed. This is especially true of Christians who try to speak biblical truth to each issue. Christ said it would be this way as those who don’t adhere to biblical truth will seek to silence and persecute all who oppose them.

The biggest lie is that there is no Creator God but that we are products of mindless, purposeless, meaningless Evolution. This lie spins other lies about a vacuous, moldable human nature, its unbounded sexuality (heterosexual promiscuity, homosexuality and transgenderism are normal and natural), and that human life itself has no inherent value (free to abort).

Opposing these lies are the fact that God actually created distinct genders (male and female) with purpose and with sexual boundaries; and that life is sacred at all levels of development — made in the image of God from the womb.

The difference between truth and the lies couldn’t be more stark. Have you given thought to what you actually believe?

Mike Fullilove

Long Beach