Letters to the Editor

Thank you, ‘good guys’

Thank you for John Fitzhugh’s series “A Stranger Comes Home From War.” Our family relocated to D’Iberville for its proximity to Keesler Air Force Base, which became known to our father post-WWII and into the Korean War because of his duties in Texas Air National Guard following combat duty as a P51 fighter pilot in the Pacific campaign.

Fourteen years after his last combat mission, Dad had to explain to us preschool-age children that we must never again include him in the surprise to jump out of a hiding place to yell “BOO!” In fact he taught us how to whistle from then on so we could announce our approach. Even the sudden awareness of a quietly awaiting child where there had not been anyone standing before — this could jolt his system years later.

My license plate reads PRAY4PZ (pray for peace) to pay tribute to this lesson from Dad: “There will never be peace on this planet. But there will ALWAYS be ‘good guys’ who will go put a stop to what the bad guys are doing. It will cost the ‘good guys’ a piece of themselves, sometimes mentally sometimes physically or both. So every night you pray for all the ‘good guys’.”

My love and appreciation for Dad grows to include all men and women who have sacrificed a piece of themselves serving America. God bless you and keep you safe within an inexhaustible hope that peace is yours. Thank you, “good guys.”

Judy Hill-Sullivan

formerly of D’Iberville