Letters to the Editor

Congress should hold Trump administration to high standards

As a public school teacher, I am bound by a professional code of ethics. Violating any item on that code of ethics could result in losing my job or a suspension or loss of my teaching license. I am at a loss to understand why Trump administration officials are not held to a similar standard.

They are supposed to be — there are ethical guidelines and review procedures that are supposed to be in place. Yet we hear ethical scandal after ethical scandal almost daily.

I am disappointed and angry that Congress is thus far refusing to use its oversight ability and demanding an investigation into the corruption that appears to be endemic to the Trump administration. It floors me that Congress and this administration seem to believe that they should be held to a different standard than I as a public school teacher should be held to.

I am disappointed and angry that Congress seems to think the waste of my hard-earned tax dollars by the Trump administration is good government. Wasting my tax dollars is not a Mississippi value.

Congress has significant power they are not using. I expect my government is not filled with corruption and when corruption occurs, I demand my government root it out and eliminate it. I demand that Congress launch investigations into the corruption and misuse of my tax dollars by the Trump administration. I expect that my representatives from Mississippi, with our Mississippi values, to lead this effort.

Jennifer L. Alex