Letters to the Editor

We are a Christian nation

The “Our Father” and the Judeo-Christian Bible were once welcome in our public schools and forums. We readily referred to our country as a “Christian nation.” There are even U.S. Supreme Court cases in which justices referred to us as a “Christian nation: (Holy Trinity vs. United States, 1892) and a “Christian people” (United States vs. Macintosh, 1931).

While we don’t enshrine Christianity in our Constitution, like many Middle East countries enshrine Islam, there are many factors that justify referring to our country as Christian. Go back, for instance, to Colonial times and examine the charters of our colonies. Recall also how many came here to obtain freedom to practice Christianity as they believed it. Witness the numerous sayings of our Founders regarding the importance of Christian beliefs to our nation.

Recall also the many cities named after God, saints and Christian beliefs: St. Augustine, St. Louis, San Diego, Corpus Christi, etc. Think of the innumerable Christian Churches established by Christians all over this country. Think also of the Christian holidays we celebrate: Christmas and Easter. We even have a holiday in honor of Martin Luther King, a Christian minister. And don’t forget what day we take off: Sunday, the Christian Sabbath.

The legacy of the 1960s, the pill, abortion, cultural relativism, secularism, etc., have clearly imperiled our traditional family morals. In our politics and our daily lives we must return to the good things we have abandoned. Without God we are nothing.

Harry R. Hull Jr.

Pass Christian