Letters to the Editor

Changes welcome for Bay St. Louis-Waveland School Board

The Hancock County Alliance for Good Government would like to congratulate those public officials who made possible a restructuring of our Bay St. Louis-Waveland School Board.

We’ll start with former Mayor Les Fillingame, who in February 2017, did not reappoint Maurice Singleton, leaving that appointment to the new administration. Current Mayor Mike Favre and the new Bay St. Louis City Council replaced Singleton with Vicky Arnold, and most recently replaced Joan Thomas with Ann Lathrop.

Those of us who attend school board meetings, review claim dockets and test scores could not be more pleased in the new board. We will hold them accountable for their opportunity to make the long overdue improvements to the district.

One has been accomplished, that being the resignation of Superintendent Vicky Landry, which ends the nepotism arrangement in the district business office between her and her brother, business administrator, John McCraw. The director of the Mississippi Ethics Commission and the attorney general both advised against this arrangement last year.

Most important on our list of challenges for the new board is to address the academic conditions of our two elementaries. North Bay dropped from a “B” rated school to a “C,” and Waveland from an “A” to a “D,” as reported by the state Department of Education.

We will continue to attend school board meetings, and hopefully witness leadership that will result in putting kids first, and developing a personnel roster that can make that happen.

Lana Noonan, chair, The Hancock County Alliance for Good Government