Letters to the Editor

Sea levels rising? No, they’re not.

NOAA asks us to “guess where sea levels are rising the fastest in the Western Hemisphere?” Then its answer is “right off the coast of Louisiana.” Since south Louisiana is our neighbor, would we not think this to mean our sea levels to also be rising? It is not and it’s not rising in south Louisiana either.

South Louisiana is sinking due to no silt deposition from the Mississippi River when it was channelized over 100 years ago for commercial shipping purposes. Silt that would normally deposit in this area is flushed out into the deep water of the Gulf of Mexico. It’s not going to get better.

To say that sea levels can change in one area and not in another is the equivalent of saying the water at one end of your swimming pool is higher than the other end. Ridiculous! The entire global warming/man-made climate change/sea levels rising theory is just that — a theory, driven by people wanting to blame all the world’s ills on the United States and tax us into oblivion for the sake of “saving the planet.”

Joe Boughton