Letters to the Editor

The double standards in the gun debate

We all are familiar with the Parkland, Florida, shooting and its aftermath with the NRA.

And this headline: “This Was An Act Of Terror: 8 Dead, More Than A Dozen Injured When Truck Strikes Pedestrians In Lower Manhattan,” Oct. 31, 2017. The alleged “terrorist” was driving a Home Depot truck. Did the airline industry, car rental industry and others abandon Home Depot or blame Home Depot for renting the truck to what appeared to be a mentally unstable person. Why is it that when innocents were killed by a Home Depot truck, we didn’t try to take away all the trucks from Home Depot?

And, Chicago, Illinois, death statistics February to date: 31 shot and killed; 11 shot and wounded. Total shot: 142.

Odd that we would politicize a mass school shooting against the NRA, yet the February death rate in Chicago is 31. I don’t recall the airlines, car rental, etc., boycotting the NRA over this and I’ve heard no calls for the Chicago Police Chief to resign.

According to the Crime Prevention Research Center, from the 1950s through July 10, 2016, 98.4 percent of mass shootings have occurred on gun-free zones, with just 1.6 percent occurring where citizens are allowed to have firearms with them.

If you’re a bad guy, why would you plan a mass shooting in an area where others may have guns?

Sounds to me like we’re living on a one-way street paved with double standards.

William Byrd

Long Beach