Letters to the Editor

America needs stronger gun control

Why we will never have a perfect gun control system? The United States will improve its record on tragic gun deaths, but it will occur as a series of small improvements and great consternation. The biggest problem with improving our system is the fact that firearms are a right of the people, established by the Second Amendment to the Constitution. And we all understand that amending the Constitution is not very easy.

Some of the good ideas going around today are: 1) Restrict gun ownership to people over 21 years old. 2) Close the gun show loophole. 3) Ban automatic weapons such as the AR-15, which is a military assault weapon. 4) Create a much better system for checking the background of gun buyers. 5) Improve the security of our schools by using good security people and procedures.

What will probably come out of the latest uproar is rhetoric, rhetoric and more rhetoric. The gun lobby is powerful and will exert pressure on a lot of politicians to not do very much. Also the fact that there are already more than a billion guns in the United States, with a good number of them unregistered and some held by criminals, will make these problems almost unsolvable. Good luck, America. We’re going to need it.

John Wetzel

Long Beach