Letters to the Editor

Tax on ecofriendly vehicles is absurd

In Bill Crawford’s Feb. 25 column, “Reeves’ BRIDGE Act would endow his governorship,” Crawford speaks of the possibility regarding a new Mississippi fund called the “Strategic Infrastructure Investment Fund.” Apparently Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves envisions this fund as controlled by the governor and limited to revenues generated by a new tax on electric and hybrid vehicles.

As a taxpaying Mississippian this is the first I have heard of such legislation. And, as a proud Prius owner I am astonished that such an absurd tax could even be considered. My car gets between 45-50 miles per gallon, which helps reduce consumption of our finite oil supplies. Also, it produces much less carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide than the average vehicle and its lighter weight is less damaging to the state’s highway system. If anything, electric and hybrid owners should be given a tax break for buying such ecofriendly vehicles.

I thought Republicans were opposed to new taxes. If Reeves pursues this piece of lunacy, he will definitely not get my vote for governor.

Charles Egerton

Ocean Springs