Letters to the Editor

It’s about access to school property

I have watched all the news outlets, vis-a-vis the school shooting in Florida. I normally never remark on anything the media projects, except this time.

As a recently retired police officer and school resource officer, I can emphatically say this is not about the Second Amendment or what Dianne Feinstein calls “Weapons of War.” This is a woman who lives in a $16.5 million dollar home in San Francisco; she’s out of touch.

For over 20 years, we (road officers) have told anyone who would listen that schools are a soft target, including chiefs of police and sheriffs. My last three to four years as an officer, I went from being a road officer to a school resource officer, certified by the Mississippi Department of Education. This is not an attend course, it’s a pass-or-fail school.

This issue isn’t about putting any or more officers in the schools — which we need. It’s about prohibiting those who would do the children harm from entering the school property. Go to any Department of Defense base in the world — Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines. You are not getting on that base unless you belong. Go to any county/state or federal court, you are not getting in unless you belong.

Again this is not about guns, it’s about access to school property. Why should our children receive any less security than a military base or a county/state or federal judge?

Brian K. Young

Long Beach