Letters to the Editor

People should march to Washington with amendments

We have a problem.

Guns can be controlled by taxing all weapons over a .38-caliber. Also by requiring the owners register the gun each year and buy insurance for any damage that weapon may cause.

Australia banned guns and had a 20 percent decrease in related crimes, but I do not believe the American public will be satisfied with 80 school shootings instead of 100.

The NRA controls our government as do the biggest lobbyists including drug companies, insurance, realtors, hospitals, utilities. The list adds up to over $10 billion spent on lobbying each year. This country is sick and it is our government’s fault.

We need to organize and prepare amendments that no government employee can receive any cash or benefit from any lobbyist. Government cannot be allowed to work for other companies while serving. We need to limit terms of politicians. We need control of high-caliber weapons only.

We need the opportunity for a true democracy to be able to vote on some issues. We need some restraints on media reporting news that is not true.

The only way to achieve this is to organize and march on Washington, hand the amendments to the president and demand that they be passed into law. We should clog the streets and stop business as usual until we have achieved the number of votes necessary.

The White house has two choices: Call the military to remove us (but they could turn join us) or sign the amendments.

William Linville