Letters to the Editor

Where does the NRA get its millions?

I saw the excellent CNN special, engaging students and parents involved in another terrible school massacre. It was a powerful exhibit of courageous Americans vowing to do what their legislators have failed to do to pass laws to protect them. I encourage everyone to watch this program if repeated. A representative of the NRA said its members were 5 million strong.

I am an 80-year-old retired educator who taught in the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Police Academy in the 1970s and 1980s and have since then received yearly membership cards from the NRA. I never joined the NRA, never sent a penny for membership and requested many times to be removed from their rolls. Am I one of hundreds or thousands or maybe even millions of nonmembers who are counted in their 5 million claim? I think maybe so. (The NRA refuses to publish a membership list).

The NRA is just a well-funded front for weapons and ammunition manufacturers. How else could only 5 million members fund the millions and millions of dollars the NRA uses each year to buy our feckless federal and state legislators? Seventy-eight percent of NRA members oppose the legal sale of assault weapons and 71 percent are in favor of thorough background checks. Since it is obvious the NRA does not represent its members and 5 million members could not possibly account for all the millions spent on lobbying and political contributions, who do you think is coming up with these millions?

Shirley A. Miller