Letters to the Editor

NRA stands for legal, safe gun ownership

Why is the NRA constantly attacked by the media? Has it ever endorsed defying the already draconian gun laws of our country? Ever stood for anything other than safe, responsible, informed and legal ownership? Not extended training in safe firearms use and ownership to every American desiring such knowledge, including police and military?

Are statistics available on the percentage of NRA members who have shot up schools, engaged in gang activity or been arrested for stolen or illegal firearms? NRA members join this organization because they support our belief in America, law and freedom. We aren’t drafted or employed to cherish this great country.

Why are politicians who accept endorsements/contributions from Americans who support them attacked, because those contributors are NRA members? Yes, the NRA is a powerful organization. It consists of members who support freedom and law and encompasses a massive cross-section of citizens who believe in our great country. That’s us supporting our representatives, our money supporting the NRA, not the “NRA” supporting politicians, but the will of freedom-loving Americans.

Paul M. Lomax

Ocean Springs